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        Far Infrared Oven Series

        Far infrared radiation refers to the emission and transmission (diffusion) of electromagnetic wave with the spectrum of 0.7 um-80 um; the emission and transmission process is accompanied with the obvious and directional energy transmission without the medium of exchange, that is to say, vacuum transmission is also supported. Rising in the early 1970s, the far infrared heating technique is an energy-saving technique that is promoted in priority. The far infrared heater, which is mainly driven by electric energy, is divided into the plate type, tube type, lamp type and lamp socket type. This technique can help raise the heating efficiency, improve the capability of heated material to absorb the radiation, to keep the molecular vibration wavelength matching the wavelength of far infrared spectrum; therefore, the radiating elements should be selected properly based on heated object, and the selective radiation coating materials should be used for improving the surface condition of heating body.
        Compared with the traditional heating methods of steam, hot air and resistance, the far infrared heating enjoys such merits as fast heating, good quality of products, small land occupation, low production expense and high heating efficiency; it can save electricity significantly and reach about 30% in general, or even 60%~80% in some scenarios. So, this technique has been widely applied in the heating, melting, drying, shaping, consuming and curing of different products or materials, such as paint, plastic, food, medicine, wood, leather, texture, tea and cigarette.

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