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        Microwave oven series
        Featured by short wavelength (1m~1mm), high frequency (300MHZ~300GHZ) and quantum characteristics, the microwave technique is widely applied in the fields such as radar, navigation, multi-way communication, remote sensing and TV. Since the 1960s, the microwave heating technique has been gradually in the physical processing such as paper, wood and resin extrusion.
        微波加熱(Microwave heating)就是利用微波的能量特征,對物體進行加熱的過程。微波加熱技術是物料中極性分子與微波電磁場相互作用的結果,在外加交變電磁場作用下,物料內極性分子極化并隨外加交變電磁場極性變更而交變取向,如此眾多的極性分子因頻繁相互間摩擦損耗,使電磁能轉化為熱能原理來加熱物料的相關技術。
        Microwave heating is a process for heating the objects based on the energy characteristics of microwave. The microwave heating technique is the results of interaction between the polar molecules and microwave electromagnetic field; under the action of external alternating electromagnetic field, the polar molecules of material is polarized and has alternating orientation along with the polarity change of external alternating electromagnetic field; the frequent mutual friction and consumption of numerous polar molecules can convert the electromagnetic energy into the thermal energy, in order to heat the materials.
        Main Parameters

        1. Microwave frequency: 2,450MHz or others.
        2.使用氣溫:-5~50℃ 相對濕度:≤80%
        2. Operating temperature: -5~50℃; relative humidity: ≤80%
        3. Control model: PLC control.
        4. Drive mode: Professional industrial microwave power supply.
        5. Display mode: LCD.
        6.微波泄漏:中國:GB 5959.6-2008標準。
        6. Microwave leakage: China: GB 5959.6-2008 standard.
        7.電氣安全:國家GB 5226.1-2002機械電氣安全標準。
        7. Electrical safety: National GB 5226.1-2002 Standard of Mechanical and Electrical Safety.

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