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        選配模塊 總共10個產品 卡片顯示 列表顯示
        • 桁架上料機械手及框架上料機械手
          桁架上料機械手及框架上料機械手可以采用不同端拾器抓取不同種類和不同大小的材料,可以實現自動上料,大大節約人工。 Truss feeding manipulator and Frame feeding manipulator can use different end pick up to grab different kinds and different sizes of materials, can realize automatic feeding, greatly saving manpower
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        • 自動上下料機
          自動上下料機可以實現不同尺寸材料抓取,材料加熱后可以實現自動上料及成品下件,實現無人化生產,大大節約人工。 The automatic upper and bottom feeder can be used to grab the different dimensions, and the material can be heated and the automatic material and finished product can be realized, and the production of unmade production is greatly saved
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        • 伸縮送料機
          伸縮送料機主要由升降和伸縮機構組成,整體升降以適應不同模具高度,伸縮機構主要是將加熱后的料片自動輸送進壓機,以便節約人工。 Telescopic feeder is mainly composed of lifting and telescopic mechanism, the overall lifting to adapt to different mold height, the telescopic mechanism is mainly to automatically transport the heated material into the press, can save labor
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        • 疊料機
          疊料機是指將單向帶材按0°、90°堆疊放置,完全代替人工堆疊。 Stacker refers to the unidirectional strip is stacked at 0° and 90°, completely replacing manual stacking
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        • 機器人自動上下料
          機器人自動上下料指的是加熱后的料片或壓制成型后成品自動上下料采用機器人來完成。 The robot automatic loading and unloading refers to the automatic loading and unloading of the heated sheet or the finished product after pressing and forming by the robot
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        • 端拾器
          可以根據不同材料定制不同端拾器,以便實現自動化生產。 Different end pickers can be customized according to different materials in order to realize automatic production
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        • 針刺組
          通過不同針刺組組合,可以實現不同零件的抓取。Different parts can be grasped by different acupuncture groups
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        • 料車
          人工將材料放置于料車上,機械手從料車上抓取材料實現自動化生產。 The material is placed on the lorry manually, and the manipulator grabs the material from the lorry to realize automatic production
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        • 氣動馬達退料裝置
          緊急斷電時利用氣罐中剩余氣源排出烘箱內料片。 In case of emergency power failure, the residual air source in the gas tank is used to discharge the material sheet in the oven
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        • 升降機構
          升降機構主要用雙層及多層烘箱的送料,以實現自動化生產。 The lifting mechanism mainly uses double layer and multi-layer oven feeding to realize automatic production
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